JA Projects

Antepavilion Party

Antepavilion Party

Date: 2018

Hackney, London


A nautical themed party for a nautical themed pavilion.


Photos: Edmund Dabney, Dojo

With a programme that demands usability throughout both the daytime and evening, the remodelled interior works hard to provide a welcoming and generous space. A bridge like structure spans the entire width of the upstairs room and alongside the bar marks the division between publicly accessible and private preparatory areas. Yet the permeable nature of this suspended divide ensures that the role of host and those being hosted is informal. A companion structure bookends the room. Part display, part store these twinned elements formally establish a sense of depth whilst providing much needed functionality to an otherwise compact space. Subtle vertical articulation to the flanking walls complement the elegant framework and the collection of interventions provide a muted armature for the vibrancy of happenings.

JA Projects continues to play an active roll in the curation of an ongoing artistic programme of exhibitions and installations, while Diddy’s frequently hosts live events and private celebrations.


The Party…



JA Projects + Sacha Ren


Client: Diddy Varley; Contract value: Undisclosed;


Metalwork: Lucie Brun-Naujalis; Woodwork: Luke Mills